Sebastiaan HessNeo-traditionalist

    Sebastiaan Hess is not working at our shop anymore.

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    Roger is the kind of person that takes you under his wing. He shares his knowledge and experience to help you lose your insecurities. He’s a good leader and an even better coxswain. You just know he’s there for you. In the years that we’ve been working together, I’ve seriously learned so much. Much more than just tattooing and drawing. Roger knows how to spot talent and doesn’t give up on someone. His vision is what makes Bunker great. He can be pushy because he’s very serious about his ideals, but you know it’s for the best.

    I think that’s what makes Bunker and all of us so well balanced and connected, why we are in such harmony, and why we act as a team that goes for quality.

    Sebastiaan about Bunker

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