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    The legendary, tall and loyal apprentice Bob… Never too late, never on time. Draws traditional, thick lines. Happy colors, happy face. Walks hand-in-hand with Sebastiaan. Bobeus is also known for the strange, energetic noises he produces while gaming on the shop’s PS4. In a short amount of time, Bobeus has grown to be a real pioneer in traditional tattooing.

    On time

    Bobeus about Bunker Tattoo

    At Bunker Tattoo, I’ve learned to think differently and was given the freedom to try and experiment in many ways. I believe the overall atmosphere and the opportunity to learn from different styles and people got me to learn faster. Roger is a true master and taught me many tips and tricks.

    I started working at Bunker Tattoo about 5.5 years ago. At first I was just an assistant, now I’m a full-time tattooer.

    I’ve learned so much over the years. Learning from people you look up to is a magical experience, especially when combined with a well-structured plan. Bunker is so great because you get to learn from everyone here. You learn all these different styles and are given all these different pieces of the puzzle. It’s up to you to complete it by connecting the dots and applying it to your own life. Everyone has their own way of working; you just need to figure out which way is right for you.

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