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Ink Adventures Await: Unveil the Quality of Tattooing in Breda

Tattooing is more than art

Bunker Tattoo: Where Quality Tattoos and Laughter Collide Since 2001

Bunker Tattoo Breda

Bunker Tattoo Breda interior

Looking for an ink-spiring adventure in Breda? Look no further than Bunker Tattoo, where the art of tattooing meets a touch of humor! With over two decades of experience, our talented artists have been crafting quality tattoos in every style imaginable since 2001. Whether you’re dreaming of a realistic portrait, a vibrant Japanese design, or a timeless old-school classic, we’ve got you covered at first. Above all step into our studio and let your imagination run wild – we’ll turn your tattoo dreams into a masterpiece that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear. Discover why Bunker Tattoo is the go-to spot for ink enthusiasts in Breda. Book your appointment today and let’s add some laughter to your ink journey! As a result you’ll be more than happy with your new tattoo.

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The Bunker Experience

  • I’ve been a Bunker Tattoo customer for a long time now. In fact, I don't feel like a customer, I feel like I’m part of the pack. It's always a pleasure to visit this amazing place. They have vegan-friendly ink for me and a great kitchen for lovely food.

  • I have bodysuit completely done at Bunker. Addicted to their tattoos and personalities. Love you guys and girls.

  • I am a proud member of the ‘truly loyal but equipped with a high standard’ customers of Bunker Tattoo. When I got my first tattoo on my sixteenth birthday, Bunker didn’t even exist yet. Luckily Bunker had arisen when he needed to be revised and corrected, a year or so later. It was love at first sight.  

    Sofie van Kemenade
    Sofie van Kemenade

Bunker Basement voor piercings

A beautiful piercing shop in Breda

Elevate Your Style with Precision Piercings from Bunker Piercing

Discover the perfect complement to your new tattoo at Bunker Piercing, your dedicated partner in piercings. Above all she is a sister company of Bunker Tattoo, so we share the same passion for excellence and customer satisfaction. Our experienced piercers are ready to provide you with high-quality piercings in a safe and professional environment. From subtle ear piercings to bold body jewellery, we certainly have everything you need to complete your look. Visit our website now for more information and complete your look with Bunker Piercing!

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