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Tattooing is more than art

The future is ours. That’s why we care about the planet. We’re always trying to find ways to be better and do better. We use biodegradable plastics, the ink we use is vegan, all the food and drink we serve is organic, and we organize private projects to upgrade our world. For example, our terrace is designed to help the bee population, with all-season flowers and enough space to help our winged friends survive. Part of our profit goes to projects we organize to help (local) people in need. We also love to collaborate on projects that make a statement, such as www.humanrightstattoo.org

The Bunker Experience

  • I’ve been a Bunker Tattoo customer for a long time now. In fact, I don't feel like a customer, I feel like I’m part of the pack. It's always a pleasure to visit this amazing place. They have vegan-friendly ink for me and a great kitchen for lovely food.

  • I am one of Bunker Tattoo’s loyal customers because they always know how to meet my high standards. I got my first tattoo on my sixteenth birthday before Bunker was around. Lucky for me, Bunker was there when it needed to be revised and corrected a year or so later. It was love at first sight.

  • I am a proud member of the ‘truly loyal but equipped with a high standard’ customers of Bunker Tattoo. When I got my first tattoo on my sixteenth birthday, Bunker didn’t even exist yet. Luckily Bunker had arisen when he needed to be revised and corrected, a year or so later. It was love at first sight.  

    Sofie van Kemenade
    Sofie van Kemenade

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A place to Learn

Over the past 15 years, Bunker Tattoo has become a place to learn the tricks of the trade. Every single apprentice that started with us has become a successful tattooer, delivering high-quality tattoos. And the list is growing. So many great guest artists have visited and worked at our shop, each of them amazed at how we’ve evolved and how we operate. We are blessed with great, authentic reviews and are committed to keep on doing what we do best, which is creating solid tattoos and sharing our knowledge.

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