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“I’m proud of my team of tattooers. They always give their best. The team’s vibe and the connection we share are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. We’re so close and balanced, always willing to learn from each other. Together, we are pushing tattooing to the next level. This truly is a unique team.”

Roger Merling Meijer


Meet our stabbing members

Hall of fame

We are proud to present our growing list of guest artists. We’re blessed to have new artists visit our shop on a regular basis, giving us the opportunity to learn from them.

  • Sebastiaan Hess
    Sebastiaan Hess Neo-traditionalist

    Professional nice guy

  • Bobeus
    Bobeus Traditional tats

    Big guy, big heart, big…

  • Todd Tattooer
    Todd Tattooer
  • Cal Jenx
    Cal Jenx
  • David Cote
    David Cote
  • Luca Font
    Luca Font
  • Pedro Soos
    Pedro Soos
  • Tyler Abner
    Tyler Abner
  • Nate Hudak
    Nate Hudak
  • Dave Halsey
    Dave Halsey
  • Luxiano
  • Fabian Grezyn
    Fabian Grezyn
  • Adam Hudson
    Adam Hudson
  • Florian Santus
    Florian Santus
  • Tammy Kim
    Tammy Kim
  • Claudia Ottaviani
    Claudia Ottaviani
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