Roger Merling MeijerOwner of Bunker Tattoo
All rounder
Carrot eating

To me, tattooing represents freedom. I absolutely love to create. Art in general means freedom and the ability to create. Though enjoyable for the most part, it comes with plenty of frustrations as well. But sharing these frustrations with others will result in more fun. So surround yourself with good people. Good in terms of their heart, their soul, and their expertise. These people will continuously lift you to the next level and inspire you to gain new ideas and find new ways. Together we make things better. That’s why I believe in sharing. It can help us evolve and become better human beings. And that’s exactly what I aspire to at Bunker Tattoo.

Realistic dog tattoo
neotraditional sugar girl
Traditional light house tattoo
Moth tattoo
dotwork tattoo
Neotraditional claw tattoo
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