Ted PoncinProfessional poker

    Ted Poncin aka Ted Pokes. For beautiful and poked tattoos. Ears are decorated very delicate.

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    Oh boy, have you met Ted? No, not the one from How I Met Your Mother, but Ted the female tattooer from the Poncic clan. She’s the middle one, and boy, does she have a way with tattoos.

    Ted specializes in ornamental tattoos and neotraditional styles. It’s like if Michelangelo and Bob Ross had a baby and that baby was a tattoo artist. Ted’s tattoos are so beautiful, they make you want to weep tears of joy. They’re like little works of art on your skin.

    But don’t let Ted’s delicate touch fool you. She’s tougher than a $2 steak. She can tattoo through anything, including your tears. And if you cry too much, she’ll just turn your tears into part of the design.

    Ted’s got a sense of humor too, which makes getting tattooed by her an absolute joy. She’ll crack jokes and make you feel like you’re getting tattooed by your best friend. But be warned, she’s got some wild stories from her time on the road. Just don’t ask her about the time she got stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a needle and some ink. It’s a long story.

    So, if you want a tattoo that’s both beautiful and hilarious, go see Ted. Just be prepared to walk away with a permanent smile on your face (and on your skin).


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