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Hi people!

As the weather gets better, people start coming out of their caves.

More and more tattoos start showing up from the dark trenches as winter clothing gets dismissed.

Ideal time to show off your fresh ink but mind the sun!

Best way to preserve your tattoos is to always wear sun protector.


We have added a new member to our ranks.

His name is Sam van der Weiden,

Prior to this he has enjoyed an education at St.Joost, our local art school.

Now he will be @hesstattoo ‘s very first apprentice.

His work ethics are on point and expect some big things from this guy in the future.

Our job is to make him feel at ease and guide him every step of the way.


Together with the local government we strive to keep the streets safe by educating and employing youth otherwise drawn into Netflix and weed.

Keep an eye out on the website for Sam and follow his work.

Come by the shop to say Hi and get to know him better.

And while you’re at it, walk in to get tattoo’d right before the sun is at it’s strongest.



Gymleader Benjimon


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