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Once there was a girl, full of zest, Who thought tattoos on men were simply the best. She’d seen them with sleeves, on arms and on backs, And thought to herself, “these are the men with the racks.”

She sought out a man, who was inked like a clown, With designs on his arms that went up and then down. He had tattoos on his chest, tattoos on his legs, And even a few on his toes and his pegs.

She thought to herself, “this guy is a gem, With tattoos that show he’s one cool-looking gem.” So she asked him to date, and he said with a grin, “I’d love to, my dear, let the love games begin.”

Their dates were a blast, filled with laughter and cheer, With jokes and good times, and tattoos that were queer. He had tattoos of a cat, with a fish in its mouth, And a mermaid on his arm, swimming towards the south.

They laughed at his tattoos, and the stories he’d share, About how he got each one, and the adventures they’d share. They’d dance in the rain, and kiss in the sun, And have fun with each other, until their days were done.

But one day, she noticed, the tattoos had multiplied, There were more on his legs, and now even his side. She asked him, “My love, why have you added so many?” And he replied, “My dear, tattoos are just simply any.

They’re a symbol of love, and of joy and of life, And they bring me great happiness, free from all strife. So let us embrace them, these tattoos we both love, And live our lives together, with joy from above.”

And so they lived happily, with tattoos all around, In a world filled with laughter, and love that was found. So remember my friends, tattoos aren’t just a phase, They’re a symbol of love, in so many different ways!

So if you find a man, who’s tattooed up to his neck, Just embrace the ink, and love will be what you’ll get!

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