Roger Merling Meijer

Roger Merling Meijer

Meet the boss. Roger Merling Meijer has more than 10 years of tattooing experience. In fact he started at the age of 19.

He loves animals and peanut sauce. Come to him for tattoos with a story inspired from mythology, comics, movies and music. Believes in creating a ripple effect… Can do more than 10 pushups. Still watches He-man and lives by The power of grey skull, forcing everyone to eat carrots.


I see tattooing as freedom. I love to create! So art in general for me means; freedom and creating. While doing this enjoying it for the most, because it can be quit frustrating as well. So when you carry these frustrations together, it will make it more fun. Surround yourself with good people. Good by heart, soul and good by expertise. This will constantly lift you to next levels and inspire you to find new ideas and ways. Together we make it better. That’s why I believe in sharing. We can evolve as good humans. That’s what I desire at Bunker Tattoo.

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