Boy VerspaandonkSmall and traditional

Meet Wonder Boy a friendly neighbour. Well known for his traditional tattoo work with a modern twist. Beautiful color work as well as blackwork. He loves Stefani and Fred.

Ball fetching
Traditional tattoos

Boy about Bunker

If you ask me why I work at Bunker Tattoo, the answer is simple. It just feels like home. I also get to learn from the best, all with a sense of equality. It’s just amazing to share my passion with these people and always strive for perfection.

From the first time I visited Bunker (as a customer), I’ve always felt at ease. Today I’m part of the team. I’ve been given so much inside information, making this an amazing learning experience. I’m thankful every single day, and I hope we can build on this long into the future.

Roger teaches me so many things – big and small, about tattooing and about life. He values the little things in life. He’s also very critical about the things we say and the way we approach tattooing. I’m just very lucky and thankful.

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